On costumes, candy and Christmas: Manito trick-or-treaters weigh in on Halloween's charms

<p><p>The Halloween spirits couldn’t have drawn it up any better.</p></p><p><p>It was cool but not cold Sunday night in the Manito neighborhood. Jack-o’-lanterns guarded porches. A rafter of turkeys walked down 17th Avenue toward Grand Boulevard, gobbling. A tiny dragon and a tiny Spider-Man played tag and shouted at each other in a front yard.</p></p><p><p>This Halloween was the first time lumberjack Soren Chun, 8, had been trick-or-treating.</p></p><p><p>Soren, who carried a standard claw hammer over his shoulder in place of an axe, had only been to one house by 6 p.m., but he said he’d thoroughly enjoyed trick-or-treating so far. He said his favorite candies are Airheads and York Peppermint Patties.</p></p><p><p>“Christmas is still better,” Soren said. “I like when you all get together and eat.”</p></p><p><!–[photoset id=11536]–></p><p><p>Soren’s friend Oliver Rebow, a 7-year-old Harry Potter and veteran trick-or-treater who enjoys M&amp;M’s and Kit Kat bars, pointed out that Thanksgiving is typically better known for getting together and eating. Soren agreed, but said people also get together and eat at Christmas.</p></p><p><p>Sisters Scarlett and Harlow Lustig started their trick-or-treating at about 5:30 p.m.</p></p><p><p>Scarlett Lustig, 9, dressed up as a queen ballerina.</p></p><p><p>“I was going to be a normal ballerina, and then I saw this huge skirt,” she said.</p></p><p><p>Harlow Lustig, 11, went trick-or-treating as a princess. She said Halloween is her second favorite holiday and hoped to bring home a solid collection of chocolate. Her younger sister said she’d like to get some Skittles.</p></p><p><p>As night fell in earnest, more Captain Americas, dinosaurs and SpongeBob SquarePantses took to the streets.</p></p><p><p>Nine-year-old Jordan Buck didn’t start door-knocking until after 6 p.m. He went trick-or-treating as a Karen, a reference to the internet memes, tweets, Instagram posts and thousands of TikTok videos that have become part of the American zeitgeist in the past two years.</p></p><p><p>Halloween is Jordan‘s favorite holiday, ahead of even Christmas. And while he likes candy – he’s a Skittles man – it’s not the sugar that makes him look forward to Oct. 31. He’s more of a Halloween purist.</p></p><p><p>“People get to dress up,” he said. “You see a lot of creative costumes.”</p></p>