Man accused of raping 17-year-old in Spokane Valley has 43 convictions on record

<p><p>The 17-year-old girl who was allegedly raped Wednesday in a Spokane Valley alley said she believed she would be shot if she attempted to fight the 50-year-old suspect, who has dozens of convictions on his record.</p></p><p><p>Terrence Kelley, who has COVID-19, made his first court appearance virtually Thursday in Spokane County Superior Court on charges of first-degree rape and unlawful imprisonment. Judge Raymond Clary set Kelley’s bond at $250,000.</p></p><p><p>Kelley has 43 convictions on his record from five states that include assaults, burglaries and reckless endangerment, as well as two warrants.</p></p><p><p>The victim said she accompanied Kelley to the rear alley behind the Spokane Dream Center, 2128 N. Pines Road, according to court documents. She said she smoked what she believed to be methamphetamine from a pipe Kelley provided and became extremely high and could not “feel her body.”</p></p><p><p>She said in the documents that Kelley took her to an area behind a building obscured by dumpsters. He then put down a piece of cardboard and told her to sit on it.</p></p><p><p>She said Kelley removed what she believed to be a firearm, which turned out to be a BB gun, from his waistband and laid it on the ground next to her. She said he forcefully pushed her to the ground using both hands, removed her pants and underwear and raped her.</p></p><p><p>She said she tried to get up but Kelley held her to the ground.</p></p><p><p>Kelley said in the documents that the victim laid cardboard down and pulled her pants off, then they had sex. He also said she smoked methamphetamine out of a pipe she brought with her.</p></p><p><p>A charge of distributing methamphetamine to a minor likely will be added to Kelley’s charges.</p></p><p><p>He is scheduled for an arraignment Sept. 28.</p></p>