All international travelers will have to show negative COVID test results from day before flight to enter United States

<p><p>Starting Monday, all travelers entering the United States will have to show a negative COVID test from the day before their flight in order to get into the country. </p></p><p><p>As the omicron variant continues to pop up around the globe, including in a handful of states, <a href=”” target=”_blank”>the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention announced</a> it was clamping down on its testing requirements for entry into the country.</p></p><p><p>“As we learn more about the omicron variant, this new one-day testing policy will help to protect travelers and the health and safety of American communities from COVID-19,” a statement from the CDC says. “These orders put in place a stringent and consistent global international travel policy that is guided by public health.”</p></p><p><p>Beginning just after midnight on Monday, this order will apply to all air travelers wanting to enter the United States, regardless of their citizenship or vaccination status.</p></p><p><p>The omicron variant has not been detected in Washington state , but health officials suspect it’s just a matter of time.</p></p><p><h3>Here’s a look at local numbers</h3></p><p><p>The Spokane Regional Health District reported 113 new COVID-19 cases and six additional deaths on Friday.</p></p><p><p>There have been 1,105 deaths due to COVID-19 in Spokane County residents.</p></p><p><p>There are 69 people hospitalized with the virus in Spokane.</p></p><p><p>The Panhandle Health District reported 63 new COVID-19 cases on Friday, as well as five more deaths.</p></p><p><p>There have been 722 deaths due to COVID-19 in Panhandle residents.</p></p><p><p>There are 64 Panhandle residents hospitalized with the virus. Kootenai Health is down to 47 COVID patients as of Friday.</p></p>